Seeking clarity, wellbeing, love, abundance, consciousness expansion?

I’m an energy intuitive/channeler and coach, having exposed myself to various modalities, wisdom traditions, psychological understanding and consciousness expansion since my early teens. I love the applicable side of consciousness transformation that integrates spiritual and psychological wisdom into our daily lives, allowing our highest potentials. My background is in journalism and media and I understand people with more mental or scientific approach, regarding parapsychological abilities woo woo – or at least a little suspicious. Having been intuitive all my life I see no contradiction in developing all your potential and staying down to earth while opening to and being in tune with your True Self.

Nothing changes life faster and better than an aware, compassionate and loving relationship with ourselves. Most of us have blocking beliefs and patterns that affect different areas of our lives – my work is to help you recognize and free these, and to offer deep insight into your next steps living your best life in balance with yourself.

We explore any and all life areas of your choosing, including relationships, work, your life path, consciousness expansion/spiritual growth, health, wealth & wellbeing. My clientele consists of men and women from all walks of life and the comment I get most is ”I can’t believe how well you see me and my life without knowing me. The shifts have been profound”.

It makes my heart sing to be able to be part of your love journey with life and yourself. My style is direct, grounded and compassionate (with no sugar-coating to fuel your existing, imbalanced patterns. Yay for freedom & transformation).

You can choose from the regular consultation (where I’m mostly holding the mic) and the dynamic duo that incorporates intuitive consultation and coaching (where I also guide you creating yourself a consciousness expanding, love-filled game plan in any area of life). Dynamic duo works best in minimum of two sessions.

Now, let’s get to work.

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