Since I was a little girl I’ve been super interested in the Big Questions Of Life: Who are we really? Who is god? What is existence? What is love? And how to get myself together? (Ok, that question came a bit later).

From my early teens I dove deeply into anything I could get my hands on about spirituality, psychology, self help, wisdom traditions, healing arts and consciousness. I’m an empath and being clairvoyant has always been a part of me. Since 2005 I’ve deeply focused on this: Embodied realization in this lifetime is the central focus of my life.

  • I became a journalist by profession initially - I worked both on print media and TV as a writer, presenter, and director. My "true job" was always meeting people heart to heart and looking at the psychological and energetic core of things. 

    I started working with private clients as a channeler in 2012 and continued my regular stints at TV production companies until 2015. I started my own company and now I write books, give talks, offer workshops and retreats and work with clients as a channeler and coach. My first two books were published in September 2017 and January 2018 by a major Finnish company Otava. 

    Since I can remember, I’ve had a deep connection with universe/existence/divinity/deep joy of life. But the burning question remained: how to love myself in all the darkness and light of this human condition? How to embody and integrate psychological and spiritual understanding? How to walk the talk? How to live the life of my dreams? And then I figured: no amount of spiritual, psychological or philosophical knowledge in the world changes anything unless we take full responsibility for our own life, consciousness and reality. Self respect, love or spiritual fulfillment don’t just land on us - it is up to ourselves to consciously choose to end the unworthiness game with ourselves. This results in deep honor for oneself and heart-led living.

    Not all of us resonate with spiritual matters or consciousness exploration to the same extent, yet (self)love concerns us all. We can learn how to be in a respectful relationship with ourselves no matter what we have been through.

    Loving myself means there’s no need to change or fix anything, nor to strive for anything. For a long time I didn't realize this and was deep immersed in spiritual search, self-betterment and healing myself. This is often natural part of our spiritual journey, but at some point we may realize that for as long as week keep seraching or fixing ourselves, we will attract more to search and fix. Human life is always going to be full of contradictions and seeming imperfections. The deep joy of life doesn't exclude sorrows nor does love for self make the absence of darker sides of life. To me, self-love is about compassionately opening to oneself as a humane being in all of life’s experiences. When we start realizing our innate worth, we'll become in synch with our soul, which is always in a state of graceful compassion and acceptance. 

    My path has had it’s deep sorrows, challenges, doubts and internal battles - of course. Today I’m living my dream, having let go of trying to better or "heal" myself in any way, and ceasing the endless search. Surprisingly this deep relaxation into myself invited in the presence of my soul in my everyday human life. This deep receiving is, in itself, the most healing and tranformational thing I know. Our reality is in direct relationship to the relationship we have with ourselves; our consciousness is what creates our reality.

  • At the core of my work there is an open-ended offering of safe, compassionate space for my audience/clients to realize the spark of empowerment for themselves. Often the journey is quite an ufolding; I definitely needed all the years untagling myself from early conditioning and limiting patterns that resulted in perceiving myself less-than, and somewhat in need of fixing. This deeply-buried unworthiness that hid itself in the incessant spiritual search for enlightenment and healing, created my reality accordingly. I contend that the constitutions of our modern society lay in that very same, subconscious, collective unworthiness. It creates a friction that makes us fight ourselves and life, often creating a lot of anxiety, unsatisfaction, or the feeling that something is missing. It is possible to learn Self-Compassion and non-dual acceptance. About 95% of my coaching clients experience deep, life-altering transformation.   

    Today I enjoy traveling, all things creative, great food, wine, and sweet company. I love surfing, hanging out in nature, my work, and exploring consciousness. I love people, beauty (nature, arts, design, fashion, music, realizations), moving my body and sweet time by myself. 

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