Anna I am an author, coach, energy intuitive, content creator and a lover of life. Since I was a little girl I’ve been most interested in the Big Questions Of Life: Who are we? What or who is god? What is existence? What is love? How to lead a life of wellbeing? And most importantly: how to love oneself?

buy provigil online ireland Thus, from my early teens I dove deeply into anything I could get my hands on about spirituality, psychology, self help, wisdom traditions, healing arts and consciousness. I’ve gone through therapies and extensive energy work. I’m an empath and being clairvoyant/energy intuitive has always been a part of me. Since 2005 I’ve deeply focused on this:

  • I became a journalist by profession - I worked both on print media and TV as a writer, journalist and director. My passion was to bring light and awareness to wherever I went. My true job was always meeting people from my heart and looking at the psychological and energetic core of things. Still, I was in a kind of a spiritual closet for a long time and didn’t actively pursue all my gifts.

    I started consulting clients in 2012 and continued my regular stints at TV production companies until 2015. Since then I have worked with clients as a channeler/energy intuitive and coach. I blog, give talks, write books, teach and create content in partnership with entrepreneurs, companies and organizations that resonate with my core values and consciousness. My first book is published by Otava, one of the biggest and oldest publishing houses in Finland, in August 2017.

    Since I can remember, I’ve had a deep connection with universe/existence/divinity/deep joy of life. But the burning question remained: how to love myself in all the darkness and light of this human condition? How to embody and integrate psychological and spiritual understanding? How to walk the talk? How to live the life of my dreams? And then I figured: no amount of knowledge in the world changes anything unless we take full responsibility for our own life, consciousness and reality. Self respect, love or spiritual fulfillment don’t just land unto us - it is up to us to consciously choose to end the unworthiness game with ourselves. This results in deep honor for oneself, heartlead action and receiving.

    Not all of us resonate with spiritual matters or consciousness exploration to the same extent, yet (self)love concerns us all. We can learn how to be in a respectful relationship with ourselves no matter our worldview or past or present reality.

    Loving myself means there’s no need to change or fix anything nor to strive for anything spiritually. Human life is always going to be full of contradictions and seeming imperfections. The deep joy of life doesn't exclude sorrows nor does love for self make the absence of darker sides of life. To me, self love is about compassionately opening to oneself as a humane being in all of life’s experiences. This is the core of my teaching and working with clients.

    What matters to me most is freedom=love for myself and creativity. My path has had it’s deep sorrows, challenges, doubts and internal battles - of course. Life used to puzzle me and be a struggle much of the time. Now I’m living my dream, having let go of trying to better myself in any way. Surprisingly this deep relaxing into myself was what opened my understanding that every experience, even the seemingly crappy ones, serve me one way or another. I learned to read life like a map and embarked on a beautiful adventure.

    I enjoy traveling, all things creative, great food, wine, and company. I love surfing - both literally and figuratively - hanging out in nature, exploring consciousness, reading and researching psychology, wisdom traditions and whatever picks my fancy. I love people, beauty (nature, arts, design, fashion, music, realizations), moving my body and being with myself. I have deep passion for my ”work”, expressing whatever dwells from within.


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