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You know the famous poem "As I Began to Love Myself", beautifully recited by Charlie Chaplin? Sweet, right?...And it can be done.

Your birth-right is to have an empowered, (com)passionate relationship with yourself. Your natural state is to attract your heart's desires, living in deep connection with your soul. You don't have to be able to heal all your wounds, nor fix yourself before you can have a loving relationship with yourself. 

See, I didn't really know how to love myself, no matter how much I tried. I had read all the self-help in the Northern Hemisphere, immersed myself in spiritual studies and worked on myself like there was no tomorrow with the help of healers, teachers, seers and sages since I was 11 years old. I used to feel ashamed for attracting crappy relationships, not finding the courage to follow my bliss and feeling like I didn't fit in, after all this "deep work" on myself. Until something truly clicked, that is.

These days I’m therapist and channeler, speaker, and author of three books on self-love and transformation, and my passion is to share the treasures I've found on my path with you. After my thorough empirical research in what self-love was not (inventive forms of self-abuse, dimming my light, trying to fit in, overachieving, catastrophic relationships, low self-worth, choosing things out of fear and conformity, and generally trying to figure out what was wrong with me), I discovered my innate worth, my completeness. And if I could turn my life around, so can you. 

Now that you're here, let us begin.

I offer private sessions and then there's my youtube channel. 

My approach is very pragmatic and deep; I'm interested in transformation, not sugar-coating things with spiritual fluff, superficial "ten easy steps", reciting affirmations nor getting stuck in endless therapeutic metalizing. My work with each client is totally individual and my approach is a unique combination of psychology, very attuned intuition / energy reading, coaching skills and wisdom gathered throughout "all" my times on this earth.

Born empath I've been somewhat clairvoyant my whole life, and I started working with private clients in 2012.

If you're interested in a private session we may Skype / Zoom and have either a soulful coaching session or channeled consultation.

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