What would you like to experience? How would you like to feel about your life? Who do you want to be?

The main ingredients of a fulfilling life are how we experience ourselves, and what we believe is possible for us. A balanced, loving relationship with ourselves is deeply recognizing our inherent self worth. This results in attracting/receiving what we desire, as we cease fighting ourselves and life.

Often there's unconscious resistance to who we are, which is part of the unconscious unworthiness that most of us are conditioned to in our modern society. 

My coaching process involves delving deeply into how you perceive yourself consciously and unconsciously - what you believe, how you operate and use your resources, and how and what you attract, what blocks you, and what holds you back.

Our work consist mostly of discussion, meditative journeys and exercises based on who you are. This results in expanded awareness and shifts in your consciousness, enabeling you to make new choices and attract new things into your life experience. You’ll deepen your connection and trust with yourself. Deepening your self-acceptance and compassion, and taking empowering responsibility for your life and creations is the basis of attracting the things your heart truly desires. 

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