A gift I’ve given myself the past few years: less scrolling through (social)media, more exposure to different art forms. People often ask whether I’ve read this article or that book, or if I know this astrologer or that spiritual teacher, and often I don’t or haven’t. 

I’m deliberately choosing to nourish my inner voice and knowigness by focusing on what inspires me according to whatever happens to be calling my heart at any given time. It’s great to be inspired by what others say but I think basically you just need to hear what your own heart is saying, and trust that. 

To me, the process of learning to trust my own knowigness above anything else has been about learning to value and honour my own heart more than other people’s views and intuitions. This is self-respect, in essence. 

We’re taught that we should trust ourselves and follow our bliss, but on the other hand we’re often taught that it’s somehow egotistical to think that we really do have the right answers for ourselves. Ha! 

The way to honour your own knowigness truly comes with allowing yourself to focus on what inspires YOU ❤️?

What do you need right now to get in touch with your own voice? What do you enjoy doing? What lights up your heart? What takes away from your centeredness? What do you choose to focus on right now? What do you need to leave on the sidelines a bit more in order to nourish your heart?

The way to hear your own rhythm, needs and inner knowigness doesn't take spark if your iner world is filled with have to's and shoulds and other people's opinions. Sometimes we are afraid of our own inner truths, because if we listened to them, what our inner knowigness told us might ask for some changes, we're afraid to make, even if small ones. Saying no to someone or something. Not being available all the time. Making a choice someone might not approve of.

To follow our heart, we need psychological safety. It's not established by figuring everything out in your head and trying to know everything in advance, but by nourishing and grounding yourself. What aids in this is figuring out small daily acts of self-care (not the things you "should" do for your wellbeing), that you enjoy doing. This doesn't have tobe anything enormously time-consuming, but maybe just having a cup of tea, sitting down and musing for fifteen minutes. Or a slow walk after your workday or before bedtime. A little journaling, listening to music, stretching or yoga.

As you commit to these small acts of self-care, you automatically establish safety for yourself, and start hearing your heart's whisperings. Taking time for yourself and immersing into inspiring, nourishing things on the constant, even if in small amounts, are the building blocks to deeper connection with your inner knwoigness.

Painting by Karoliina Hellberg