Channeled Consultation

Seeking clarity, wellbeing, love, abundance, consciousness expansion?

In a consultation we explore any and all life areas of your choosing, including relationships, work, consciousness expansion/spiritual insight, health, wealth & wellbeing.

I’ll help you recognize and free your limiting patterns, offering deep insight into your past and present - and future potentials. You’ll gain clarity on your overall life situation. All of your life areas reflect your consciousness one way or the other - we’ll look into and shift these together.

Life is always guiding us back to our heart no matter what we are experiencing. I’ll offer you compassionate perspectives on your current situation and path, no matter how they are unfolding you at the moment. There's never anything wrong with you. You are not flawed or broken - the soul's evolutionary journey in the human realm may just look like that at times. 

I’ll read your energies deeply and vastly. You’ll also receive transformative channeled insight and concrete guidance, tools and life-shifting energy assistance in a safe space. You’ll gain clarity and connection with your own truth. 

If you are looking for a more guided and supported process in shifting your consciousness, I’ll be happy to work with you in a soulful coaching process or a combination of intuitive/coaching sessions.

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