Let’s surf

Soulful coaching and channeled consultations for deep wellbeing, self-love and living your dreams

Let’s surf

Soulful coaching and intuitive consultation to shift consciousness and live your dreams

The relationship we have with ourselves defines our life more than anything else. What we believe of ourselves and life, results in a) how we operate in the world b) what we attract into our reality.The sweet news is that you get to choose the kind of relationship you have with yourself. 

My craft is to shift consiousness with you. You’ll gain clarity, tools and deeper connection with yourself.

I’ll guide you through blocks, limiting beliefs, old stories and wounds helping you to release these. See, your natural state is a state of balance and, well, love. Most often we just get out of synch of this natural state. It takes a bit of unlearning and some re-learning to realize your innate worthiness. By first learning to nurture yourself you'll establish safetey within. This empowers you and aids releasing victimness and subconscious blocks such as shame and guilt.  You'll become available to your heart desires. I'll help you to learn how to receive - something that I used to have huge blocks with, but when I really learned what receiving was, I started to easily attract my heart's desires. 

Many are in the midst of tumultuous awakening process – the remembarance that there’s more to life than the mere human existence. This can be very challenging to the mind, body and the structures of our life, yet your soul – your heart, is looking to become in sync with your human mind, emotions and body.  Often this initially feels chaotic and brings up a lot of stuff. It's my pleasure to guide you with compassion and clarity, moving forward on your journey.

We can also work together if you are not spiritually inclined – self-love concerns us all. Recognizing your inherent worthiness is the basis of creating the life of your dreams. Please note that I'll readily point out when I feel that a coaching session might be more appropriate instead of a channeled session. The main focus in our work together is to take responsibilty for ourselves and our energies - ie. not to give our "power" away to something outseide of ourselves. Sometimes we actually need just compassionate, safe space to let an inner unfolding happen, instead of receiving channeled guidance. I'm happy to discuss the options with you as you book your time. 

Heartfelt welcome!


Channeled guidance

Seeking clarity, wellbeing, love, consciousness expansion? We’ll explore any and all life areas of your choosing, including relationships, work, spiritual insight, health and wealth.

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What would you like to experience? How would you like to feel about your life? Who do you want to be?

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Dynamic duo

The dynamic duo is a combination of my channeled consultation and coaching. You’ll receive deep, life shifting and insightful guidance and tools on your path forward. 

”I’ve had sessions with Anna for a few months now, and the internal shifts have been stunning. I’ve learned to love and appreciate myself in a way that has lead to other big changes in my life. Anna’s consultation is so worth experiencing! It’s filled with wisdom and love - as she herself is. I’ll be forever grateful for this journey. I just wish everyone could experience the same!” - Anu

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”Our session has helped me more than anything I’ve tried before. You have a wonderful gift. I’m glad I recorded the session as I’ve been listening to the record over and over, and every time I receive some new insight. You’ve already helped me so much that I hope other people will find their way to your sessions. It’s like winning the lottery. ” - Eeva

  • All sessions over Skype/live in Helsinki
  • Length 1hr or 1,5hrs

"Thank you. What an amazing session. No healing / channeled session has ever resonated with me this powerfully before. You've already helped me tremendously - I feel so clear now! " - Tiina

 "After a year from our first session together I'm still in awe how you were able to foresee the things that are happening, and that have happened, in my life. It was a bit of a life-altering experience, the channeled session with you." - Manu

”Anna is such a wise human and having been on her own path of self- awareness for such a long time, she deeply understands human life and how consciousness works. She shares this wisdom with love and unusual clarity. Her sessions provide insights, gentle compassion - and direct words when needed. She doesn’t fuel old stories but guides past them, so that the client may experience their own, deeper truth and insight.” - Mirkka

"I was initially apprehensive whether this kind of approach would work. I'm a little sceptic and hadn't had worked with a channeler/clairvoyant before. My friends kept talking about you and when I realized you were the same person who had written the book on Self-Love (one of my favourite books ever!), I decided to give it a go. It's unbelieavable, how accurate you were on EVERYTHING. The things you saw as potentials for me have come true, and I gained so much clarity." - Maria

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